"What do you do with your imagination?"

At Active Imagination events, kids are encouraged to play out the vivid contents of their imaginations using play acting, animation, costumes, props, model-making, creative movement, storytelling, and film-making. Unlike many programs that introduce children to hands-on visual arts and digital media, Active Imagination focuses on interactive group activities and inspires kids to use pretend play and technical problem-solving as a means of making friends and building self-esteem.
KID TRANSLATION: "The stuff we do is AWESOME!"

AI offers families a supportive environment for your children to play, express themselves, and build lasting relationships.

Current & Up-coming programs:

Current & Up-Coming Programs:

CIIS-EXA alumni meet-up
Sat. 5/11, 10am - 1pm
- reunion of graduates of the Expressive Arts program at CIIS.
Family welcome; great opportunity to re-connect, meet new folks, network & play

Kid-powered hands-on activities, like obstacle courses, toy re-construction, & storytelling, selected days/times after school and during breaks

COMING SOON: Family Movie Matinees
Screenings of family-friendly and homemade movies in the driveway
Please contact Phil via email or phone for details:
(415) 939-4743

Saturday, January 21, 2012

WANTED: Super-Men 2012

For 2012, Active Imagination is recruiting for a team of SUPER-MEN who embody the characteristics that the program celebrates and can help the AI boys see how these traits are transformed into life-long activities for work and play.

Are you, or do you know of, a man who is:
If so, then, you are a SUPER-MAN, and we need your help!

SUPER-MEN will be invited to introduce themselves and share their interests with the boys at a Saturday AM Workshop (monthly) and/or Summer Camp (July). Activities will include lunchtime talks, demonstrations, and mini-classes. Bring a uniform, tools/equipment, partner -- whatever brings your work/play to life.

This invitation is currently open to men who already care for a boy in the program: cool dads, uncles, family friends, mentors, etc. In addition to inspiring the boys at some point in-person, Phil will help the SUPER-MEN connect to each other through social networking and live events. Stay Tuned!

Potential SUPER-MEN should contact Phil by phone/text or email.
(415) 939-4743

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