"What do you do with your imagination?"

At Active Imagination events, kids are encouraged to play out the vivid contents of their imaginations using play acting, animation, costumes, props, model-making, creative movement, storytelling, and film-making. Unlike many programs that introduce children to hands-on visual arts and digital media, Active Imagination focuses on interactive group activities and inspires kids to use pretend play and technical problem-solving as a means of making friends and building self-esteem.
KID TRANSLATION: "The stuff we do is AWESOME!"

AI offers families a supportive environment for your children to play, express themselves, and build lasting relationships.

Current & Up-coming programs:

Current & Up-Coming Programs:

CIIS-EXA alumni meet-up
Sat. 5/11, 10am - 1pm
- reunion of graduates of the Expressive Arts program at CIIS.
Family welcome; great opportunity to re-connect, meet new folks, network & play

Kid-powered hands-on activities, like obstacle courses, toy re-construction, & storytelling, selected days/times after school and during breaks

COMING SOON: Family Movie Matinees
Screenings of family-friendly and homemade movies in the driveway
Please contact Phil via email or phone for details:
(415) 939-4743

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saturday, 5/28 workshop: "Make Stuff/Break Stuff" - Puppets & Pinatas

No one knows how things stack things up & knock them down better than young boys!

On Saturday, 5/28, Phil & Shara will transform the studio into a pinata factory and puppet theater. First, each boy will design and create a pinata based on a real or imaginary animal of their choice. Then, we all go to the movement studio to develop a character who will interact with the animal, resulting in one-man play involving his character and the pinata-animal. Lots of other stacking, popping, knocking, and falling in-between!

Will the pinata-animal be destroyed? Will it survive? Tune in Saturday, May 28.

Active Imagination, for boys (ages 5 - 10)
Saturday, May 28
Workshop begins at 10am, ends at noon. 
Parents encouraged to come back early to see the performances (starting around 11:30).
Reservations required!
Call Phil (415) 939-4743 or email: philweglarzmft@gmail.com

Check out the video of our last workshop (4/23/11).

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Episode#5 (4/23/11), incl. VIDEO!

This video is on YouTube [Click Here]

It was an incredible day at the Glitter & Razz Dramatic Playspace, the 5th in a series of Saturday morning workshops for "Active Imagination" just for boys. 

At 10am, six brave boys, ages 5 - 8, entered the studio, ready for adventure, and they left just two-hours later as proud (and tired-out!) KNIGHTS! As usual, Sir Phil and Lady Shara presided over the welcoming ceremony at the long table where the boys gave themselves knightly monikers and swore to the Knight's Oath to safety and teamwork. Then, each boy designed a personal crest and readied for battle by making body armor -- creatively reusing cardboard, bubble wrap, duct/package tapes, plastic mesh, and most of all, their imaginations!
Sir Phil issued foam swords and we practiced fighting manuvers (see above video!), followed by an all-out, improvised indoor/outdoor battle scene involving opposing sides, alliances, reversals of power, invisible dragons, pretend injuries, poisonings & deaths, followed by miraculous cures, returns from the dead, and ultimately triumph!

Phil & Shara displayed two suits in the studio for others to enjoy
Tune in next time: Saturday, 5/28 for "PUPPETS & PINATAS!"
TO RESERVE A SPOT: Call Phil (415) 9390-4743 or email: philweglarzmft@gmail.com

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Build It - Suit Up - Fight!

This is the 5th Episode in the Saturday workshop series of Active Imagination for Boys. For a look at the Episode 4, CLICK HERE.