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At Active Imagination events, kids are encouraged to play out the vivid contents of their imaginations using play acting, animation, costumes, props, model-making, creative movement, storytelling, and film-making. Unlike many programs that introduce children to hands-on visual arts and digital media, Active Imagination focuses on interactive group activities and inspires kids to use pretend play and technical problem-solving as a means of making friends and building self-esteem.
KID TRANSLATION: "The stuff we do is AWESOME!"

AI offers families a supportive environment for your children to play, express themselves, and build lasting relationships.

Current & Up-coming programs:

Current & Up-Coming Programs:

CIIS-EXA alumni meet-up
Sat. 5/11, 10am - 1pm
- reunion of graduates of the Expressive Arts program at CIIS.
Family welcome; great opportunity to re-connect, meet new folks, network & play

Kid-powered hands-on activities, like obstacle courses, toy re-construction, & storytelling, selected days/times after school and during breaks

COMING SOON: Family Movie Matinees
Screenings of family-friendly and homemade movies in the driveway
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Workshops

Here's what happened last time...

For the Saturday "Active Imagination" Episode#4 (2/26/11), four brave and wonderful boys came together to play with our growing collection of cool cardboard boxes, develop new characters, play movement and theater games, and then tell a whole story (enjoy the photos below).  This time, we were joined by Shara Finerman, a regular Glitter & Razz teaching artist -- THANKS, Shara -- who will also be on our team for the "Active Imagination" boys summer arts camp.

See you again soon! Enjoy the photos:

Today's crew build a spaceship
Ready to go to Jupiter
Phil jumps into the action
"Ahhh, turbulence!" (crash, crush)
 ...And this was all in the first 15-minutes! Then, we sat together to get to know each other and each boy described his character for today's play. You can see in the photo the rest of the schedule, including warm-ups, dramatic skill-building and preparing for the performance.

Phil captures each boy's ideas.
Halfway through the story, the faithful sidekick accidentally discovers a special worm, living in a hole
Ready to defeat the bad guys!
Next, Phil, in costume as the Villain from the Black Hole (sadly, not pictured), emerged to challenge our heroes. The team of well-equipped ex-agents and the worm pretending to be a scary snake captured the Villain and put him in an inescapable prison where he revealed that he was very mad (angry-mad, not crazy-mad...we checked!). Our heroes rehabilitated the Villain by becoming his friend. The worm even became his club for a game of golf.


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  1. Indeed! This was a fantastic two hours of play, imagination, and friendship building. I am so honored to be a part of the Active Imagination community, working alongside Phil and the boys. Phil brings a wealth of experience to honor the organic process of interaction and emotional expression. We are all lucky to have each other to grow and learn together. See you next month! Shara Hannah Finerman, Creative Genius, Glitter & Razz